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Zaklad Elektroniczny- PiSi Elektronik, 70-380 Szczecin, ul.Noakowskiego 27

phone/fax (+48) 091 48 44 156 - GSM 0694 43 40 42 - E-mail: pisi@pisi.com.pl


over 20 000 car radios repaired

Front panel illumination and backlighting repairs

locally - within 3-4 hours, sent to us - on the same day


  • A removable front-panel is a small item, which can be conveniently and securely sent as a letter in a bubble envelope.
  • The repair cost is 15 Euro. In case this sum would be exceeded, we will do a more exact cost estimate, and let you decide whether the repair is worthwhile or not.
  • The shipping cost (as registered priority mail) is 5 Euro, the delivery time approx. 3 days.
  • The lighting lamps are replaced on the same day the panel is received.
  • We use high-quality spare lamps and tools.
  • To be sure that your panel contains replaceable lamps, email us the radio type, or use the form at the end of this page.
  • If the display is poorly readable (it helps to look at it closely in good light), then the defect is most probably caused by burnt out backlighting.
  • We cannot take responsibility for other defects of the panel, over which we have no influence.
  • Important! The panel should be carefully packed before shipping, preferably in original case, wrapped in several layers of blister foil.
We advise against any amateur repair attempts, as special illuminating lamps are needed, and replacement is often difficult. There's also a considerable risk to damage the surrounding delicate electronic parts.
The payment can be made by credit card using the AllPay money transfer service.
Warranty conditions

We grant a 3 months warranty on all replaced parts and labour. The warranty doesn't cover damages caused by unprofessional tampering inside the panel.

Shipping address

Zaklad Elektroniczny

PiSi Elektronik

ul.Noakowskiego 27

70-380 Szczecin


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Zaklad Elektroniczny "Pi-Si Elektronik" 70-380 Szczecin ul.Noakowskiego 27
phone/fax +4891 4844 156, GSM +48 694 434042
opened: Monday till Friday 9-17, Saturday 10-12

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